Tuesday, 10 May 2011

James Pickering’s Birthday Bash 2011

Not many people know that you can hire your local cinema for a private function? That’s just what James Pickering’s family did for his 18th birthday. The Robert Burns Film Theatre was open on Sunday afternoon for friends and family not only to saviour the gorgeous sexton blake but to have butchers hook at two of James favourite Stevie Nicks, Although James did look a little friar tucked on the account of two many Don Revie’s the night before.  

The first item on the agenda was the 1998 British crime drama Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels directed by Guy Ritchie, his debut feature film, and produced by Matthew Vaughn who went on to direct, amongst others, Layer Cake (2004) Stardust (2007) and the highly successful Kick-Ass (2010) This film, whose main lead was Jason Flemyng, introduced actors Jason Stratham, Nick Moran and Dexter Fletcher to a worldwide audience as well as introducing Vinnie Jones, formally a member of the Crazy Gang at Wimbledon, to a new career as a film star. It tells the story of four East End lads who plan to get rich at all costs but when Eddy (Moran) gambles away all the lads Becks and Posh at a card game and comes away owing half a million quid to the local villain, known fondly as Hatchet Harry. Aware that there going to have to honour this debt or loose certain parts of their anatomy the boys arrange to intercept a shipment of drugs. From then on in all hell breaks loose. I must admit I had forgotten how good this movie was, certainly the best thing Guy Ritchie has done, great banter, great laughs and a brilliant soundtrack. Can’t rhubarb crumble about this one son?

The second film of the afternoon was the 2009 Indian comedy 3 Idiots a film I have previously commented on but I must admit that I found the characters far more irritating especially the Tony Curtis look alike Aamir Khan who played Rancho. But out of respect to my host I sat through the very long 164 minutes again!! But a great afternoon all the same and I would like to thank Pat, Steve and James for inviting us along and making us feel so welcome.

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