Saturday, 31 July 2010

The Machine Girl.

Ami is a typical Japanese college student however it all changes when her young brother is killed by a gang of bullies led by the son of a local Yakuza chief. Ami swears vengeance but is kidnapped by daddy and mummy Yakuza who torture her and in the process completely remove her arm. Managing to escape from the clutches of this evil pair and there henchmen Ami seeks refuge in a machine shop run by Miki and her husband who build her a custom made rapid fire machine gun (a small version of what looks like a gatling gun) in place of her missing limb. Now armed and very dangerous and teamed up with Miki and her chain saw the pair set out to kill ever last member of the Yakuza family.

If you’re the type of disconcerting viewer that enjoyed Robert Rodriguez 2007 Grindhouse movie Planet Terror then you’re going to love The Machine Girl. Masses of gore, blood and severed limbs make this movie an entertainingly guilty pleasure. The story line is not particularly imaginative but its great fun and very funny at times even if its not supposed to be!

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