Friday, 23 March 2012


Nicole Kidman and Nicolas Cage play husband and wife.
If Joel Schumacher latest straight to video film had been made in black and white in the late 1940’s or early 1950’s it would have been deemed a very acceptable B-Movie thriller but instead Trespass (2011) is famous for being the fastest movie to be released on home video after its initial theatre release. The previous record had been 29 days, Trespass made it in only 18 but the director has been quoted as saying that although the best place to see a movie is on the big screen he is not concerned about his films going virtually straight to DVD or VOD as long as people watch them, because, as he say’s, that’s the reason he makes films in the first place.

Nicole with Ben Mendelsohn.

The story involves a family of three, Kyle Miller the father (Nicolas Cage) who would appear to be a very successful diamond dealer, the extraordinarily beautiful Sarah (Nicole Kidman), Kyle’s wife who is an architect/designer who works from home and their teenage daughter Avery, played by Liana Liberto (Trust (2010). All three share a lavish house that has been designed by Sarah and has a security system that would put a bank to shame. Invading their rather clinical existence are four desperate criminals looking for a fortune in diamonds and cash. How did they get in and what’s their connection to this rather emotionally distant family?

The loving family?

Ms Kidman can do no wrong in my eyes but Cage is truly a great lump of an actor completely unconvincing in a number of the roles he plays and I’m afraid that Schumacher film is no exception. Thankfully the calibre of the supporting cast, and I would include in that Ben Mendelsohn and Cam Gigandet who play one half of the criminal element, save the movie. It’s standard home invasion fodder that you have no doubt seen many times before with the normal twists and turns, hidden secrets and lies which are revealed about both groups during the films 90 minute running time. Maybe I’m biased but I enjoyed it and yes it does keep you on the edge of your seat to a certain extent.  Give it a couple of months and it will be in the bargain bins, worth a look then.

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