Thursday, 2 February 2017

Bone Tomahawk.

This infuriating nonsense starts when two particularly unpleasant bushwhackers get disturbed during there bloodthirsty work and run off into the surrounding wilderness only to stumble into a sacred Indian burial ground which these two ignorant human beings desecrate. In the following fracas one is killed while the other flees to the nearby town of Bright Hope and is subsequently jailed by the sheriff. During the following night strange things happen and it ends up with the deputy sheriff and Samantha, the assistant doctor, being abducted. The local token Indian recognises an arrow that the abductees have left behind and informs the sheriff that it belongs to a nameless tribes of troglodytes, which incidentally means 'cave dwellers', from somewhere called the 'Valley of Starving Men'. Up pops a posse to form a rescue party that has to include Samantha's husband who spends the rest of the film hobbling about on one leg due to an accident.

The slowness of the film gets worst when the posse lose their horses and have to walk to starving men's valley. Once they arrive all sorts of nasty things happen, with various members of the party getting their comeuppance for appearing in this daft movie. Normally i like westerns but not this one. I suppose to be fair the cast doesn’t make a bad job; mind you most are seasoned performers that include Kurt Russell, Richard Jenkins, Patrick Wilson and Matthew Fox. Directed and written by S. Craig Zahler who also composed the films soundtrack. If I'm correct this is the former cinematographer’s debut directorial outing and whose next movie goes by the title of Brawl in Cell Block 99, maybe I’ll give that a miss, and please don’t be fooled by what’s written on the Bone Tomahawk (2015) poster!

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