Wednesday, 17 August 2016


As normal with my visit to Edinburgh to catch some of the movies showing at its 2016 International Film Festival I make a point of supporting films made in the UK. The three British movies I’ve seen this year have two things in common. Firstly they all have one-word titles and secondly and far more importantly all have been disappointing. 

Probable safe to say that director David Blair is best known for his work on TV Series like Accused (2010-2012), The Street (2006-2009) right back the very well received The Lakes in 1997. But his latest feature film I’m afraid is not up to the standard of these or many of the other TV series he has been involved with. First time feature film script writer Roger Hadfield has written a story that to my mind has no real depth and does hold your attention for what seems like a never ending 110 minutes.

Starring Timothy Spall and one of movie rambles favourite actresses Juno Temple as a couple of self-indulgent people who strike up a relationship in the northern coastal resort of Blackpool. Following the death of his wife, Joseph (Spall) heads to the coastal town to commit suicide. Meanwhile Ria (Temple) also travels to Blackpool with a holdall full of drugs that’s she has stolen from her abusive boyfriend Dex (Matt Ryan) to sell to Angie (Susan Lynch) a middle-aged drug dealer who as a ‘thing’ for young addicts. Also in this mix is Ria’s care home buddy Kaz (Hayley Squires). Dex comes after Ria, will he get his drugs back? Does Ria find solace in her relationship with the depressed widower or is she looking for a surrogate father figure? Will Joseph commit suicide? You can answer these questions for yourself when the film gets its UK release on the 7th October 2016.

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