Monday, 30 March 2015

Shawn the Sheep Movie.

Following auditions at Mossy Bottom Farm, Shawn (voiced by Mr Tumble himself Justin Fletcher), The Farmer and Bitzer his dog have all got parts in the new feature length film Shawn the Sheep Movie (2015) with extras being cast from other members of Shawn’s flock which includes regulars like Timmy and his mum, The Twins, Shirley, Nuts and Hazel. New members of the cast include Slip the orphan pooch and the villain of the piece, animal warden Trumper. This latest stop-motion animated comedy from Aardman is based on the original TV series which I’m sure you will all be familiar with via the box set you’ve got stashed away under the pretext that its for your grandchildren, yeah that’ll be right!
The Beatles never looked as good as this?

"Special discount for sheep" 

This latest story involves Shaun, Bitzer and the flock going into the big city to rescue The Farmer who after an accident ends up in hospital with amnesia. But he soon wonders off and because of his sheep shearing skills ends up as a celebrity hairdresser. In the meantime Shaun and Blitzer end up in Animal Control after being captured by Trumper. Will they manage to escape, will they cure The Farmer of his new sense of importance, and will they all return safely to Mossy Bottom farm?
The villian!....

....can't catch me?

What can you say about a movie that appeals to all age groups and children as well, a movie that puts entertainment at the top of its ‘to-do’ list. A movie that puts laughter fair and square back into comedy, in fact if there was an Academy Award for making people laugh then this is the film that would win it.
A nice publiity shot for the film.

The 'rap' party. 

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