Monday, 3 March 2014

Capturing Dad.

Like all the best Japanese family drama's Ryota Nakeno’s film has a very simple premise. 17-year-old Koharu Higashimura (Nanoka Matsubara) and her older sister Hazuki (Yanagi Erisa) have been asked by their mother Sawa (Makiko Watanebe) to visit there estranged father in hospital because he has terminal cancer. Although the girls are not too keen on visiting the dying man, as he had abandoned the three of them 14 years ago for another women, they set out to carry out their mothers wishes. During the long train journey there mother phones and informs them that their father has since passed away and they should arrive just in time for the mans funeral.
A father and his two girls.

This beautifully sentimental family drama asks the question “what do children inherit from there parent’s” an it can't just be the love of tuna fish!  It's not necessary the intensity of a story that's important but how a story is depicted. The deft touch of the director, the beautifully shot scenes and the delicate and fully believable acting of its cast, especially the three main leads, gives Capturing Dad (2012) the right to stand shoulder to shoulder with some of the best of this particular Japanese genre which would include Ozu's classic movies and more modern drama's from the likes of Hirokazu Kore-eda including his recent movies I Wish (2011) and Like Father, Like Son (2013). Ryota Nakeno is a new director who shows great promise if his debut feature film, which is both humorous, and emotional, is anything to go by. Very highly recommended.

Koharu and her sister travel to see their sick father.

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