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Its 1944, Britain has lost the war and has been invaded. In a welsh farming community the menfolk have left to join the local resistance movement, leaving their wives and families to run the farms and wait the invading forces. At first the women give the Germans the cold shoulder but when the harshness of winter descends they find it ever harder to resist help from whatever quarter.  

The main focus of our story involves Sarah, whose husband Tom is one of those that left, and Albrecht the good-looking German Commanding officer. It’s the relationship that grows between them that forms the backbone of Resistance (2011). The original story is based on a novel of the same name by Owen Sheers who shared screenwriting duties with first time feature film director Amit Gupta. The acting is as good as you would expect from the likes of  Andrea Riseborough as Sarah and from German actor Tom Wlaschiha as Albrecht with an appearance from a criminally underused Michael Sheen who plays Tommy Atkins a secret service agent.

The invading forces enjoy the local 'show'
Don’t expect any real action, its more of a relationship drama than a war film with, admittedly, some great Welsh landscape shots which certainly highlighted the four seasons which is not surprising when you realise that the film had financial support from Film Agency Wales! The film is disappointing, building very little tension or any real excitement and involves some classic plot holes that leave you completely in the dark one of which includes a medieval European map of the world referred to as the Mappa Mundi which Albrecht finds in a packing case in a cave high in the Welsh hills! To sum up: a pretty travelogue, with another decent performance from Riseborough, but none of the normal wartime action. 

Gradually being excepted by the locals.

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