Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Let the Right One In.

Lina Leanderson captivates as Eli.
If any film is destined to become a classic its Sweden best domestic film of 2008 Let the Right One In. Directed by Thomas Alfredson and based on the best selling novel by Ajvide Lindquist, who also adapted it for the screen, set in the winter of 1981 it tells of a friendship between a bullied young boy, Oskar, and a vulnerable 12year old girl, Eli, who moves in next door to him. It’s a very sensitive study of a relationship that refuses to be tainted by the dire circumstances that surrounds it. Alfredson depicts the loneliness of the two main characters with great skill for example the lingering shot of two lone trees along with some beautiful shoots of the virgin snow. A sweet uplifting romantic film that’s deeply moving.  I was completely captivated by the young lead actors particularly by Lina Leanderson who plays Eli. (It’s the debut film of  Kare Hedebrant who plays Osker Leanderson) An amazing film that was awarded Gothenburg Film Festivals Nordic Film prize. It was remade in the US by Mat Reeves who directed Cloverfield as Let Me In (2010).

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