Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Easy Money 2: Hard to Kill.

This second film in Swedish franchise based on Jens Lapidus’s novels Snabba cash has a very penultimate feel, seemingly dedicating itself to setting up the third film in the series. Easy Money 2: Hard to Kill (2012) is a follow up to Easy Money released in 2010. This time we have Babak Najafi at the helm instead of Daniel Espinosa but the story continues basically from where the previous movie finished. We now find Johan ‘JW’ Westland sharing a cell in the State Prison with Mrado Slovovic. Mrado, following the shooting at the end of the previous film, is now confined to a wheel chair but surprisingly both men are getting on really well! When JW is on release from prison to help him adapt ready for his permanent release he decides not to go back and instead arranges an escape plan for his crippled cellmate. Meanwhile the man with nine lives Jorge Salinas Barrio, who is also on the run from prison, sets up a drug deal to end all drug deals and Mahmud owes a large sum of money to the Serbian Mafia and must pay it back on the threat of his life.

Another cracking yarn where we again observe Stockholm’s sinister underworld and its racial tensions. The cast has not changed with Joel Kinnaman as JW, Matias Varela as Jorge, Dragomir Mrsic as Mrado and the Lebanese born actor Fares Fares as Mahmud.  Maybe not quite as exciting as the previous outing but certainly gives you an appetite for Easy Money 3: Life Deluxe.        

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