Tuesday, 10 March 2015


Bullshite with knobs on, this science fiction ‘thriller’ (a word I use very loosely) about an attempt to incur world domination by Artificial Intelligence via an uploaded brain into a computer hard drive, does its level best not to keep you awake while watching! Even considering its star line up, which includes Johnny Depp, Rebecca Hall, Morgan Freeman and Paul Bettany, can’t save this part Chinese financed movie from masquerading as an entertaining film, perhaps it’s a deliberate plot by The Peoples Republic to pour scorn onto the American film industry. Would someone please inform them that the Americans are quite capable of doing that themselves!
Not Depp's best performance come back Captain Jack.
Dr Will Caster (Depp) is working on AI and not every one agrees with his work. One such person shoots Caster who eventually dies from his injuries and his wife (Hall) decides to upload his brain to a super computer the Doctor has been building. This she believes will keep her husband ‘alive’ but what she does not realise is that is her husband is a megalomaniac and desires world domination! Will he succeed in his dastardly deed; well you find that out in the opening scene, which puts the kibosh on generating any tension!

Even with a big name star from Peaky Blinders couldn't improve the calibre of this movie !

This pretentious nonsense is the first film directed by Wally Pfister who is normally to be found behind the camera, most notably for Christopher Nolan. It was filmed in New Mexico and did win an award when it tied with Interstellar (2014) for the Worse Film Award in the Village Voice film poll. If you suffer from insomnia, this is the film for you.        

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