Friday, 13 March 2015

Tommy (2014).

Before Tommy himself returns from exile Estelle and her daughter return to Stockholm to organise his share of one of Sweden’s biggest robberies. The news that Tommy is to return after his 12-month sabbatical puts fear into his underworld co-conspirators. Things have changed in a year, people have been killed, the proceeds of the robbery have disappeared, and his chief lieutenant Bobby has now taken over his crime syndicate.  
Will Estelle soothe the way for Tommy to pick up his cash?

Estelle and her sister attract crime boss Bobby. 

Estelle has friends or does she?

With a well-written script and an intriguing story line it’s a Swedish crime thriller from the female prospective with barely a police officer in sight. Directed by Egyptian born Tarik Saleh and written by Anton Hagwall it is the sort of thriller that you suspect from the very first frame is not going to end well. The film stars Ola Repace as Bobby, who you know doubt are aware was married to Lisbeth Salander her self Noomi Repace for ten years from 2001. He also played opposite Daniel Craig in Skyfall (2012) and had a prominent part in the first TV series of Wallander. Estelle is played by the very alluring Swedish actress Moa Gammel and Indie musician Lykke Li Zackrisson appears in her debut feature film as Estelle sister Bianca. Definitely does not let the genre down and will appeal to fans of Scandinavian crime fiction.

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