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Virgin Witch.

It does seem strange that both the main stars, who just so happen to be sisters, both disowned the film, the writer of the script went under an assumed name of Klaus Vogel but was really Beryl Vertue, the producer of the TV series Crossroads, while Hazel Adair, co creator of the same TV series did not admit producing the film until some years later! One could ask the question why? Was it such a bad film, well it certainly wasn’t a great film but I’ve seen worse. It's exploitation theme may have been the reason as it did have censorship problems, being initially rejected by the British Censor and being released in a cut version a year after it was made. Admittedly there were a lot of naked bodies in the film but the violence is pretty tame, but whether warranted the original cuts there’s a lot worse seen on modern day TV.
and Vicki Michelle.

There is no getting away from the fact that the Michelle sisters, Anne and Vicki who is best known for her role as Yvette Carte-Blanche in the TV comedy series Allo Allo, are very pleasant to look at, with or without their clothes, but the movie generates very little excitement, absolutely no tension and it's emotive pull is non existent. The soft focus camera work adds very little to the overall look of the film which is very dark at time's which I suspect is to hide the blemishes on the bodies of the more senior actors!  Directed by Ray Austin, an ex stunt performer who went on to direct some very popular TV series that include The Avengers, Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) and Hart to Hart but did not direct anything of real note as far as feature films were concerned.
The sinister Patricia Haines eye's up her model!
Christine's conversion.
Virgin Witch (1972) begins with two sisters Betty and Christine hitchhiking there way to London and getting a lift from Johnny  (Keith Buckley who had appeared in Joseph Losey’s The Go-Between in 1970) in his Ford Mustang. The girls are after modelling work and when one of the sisters sees an advert in a glamour magazine she goes to see the boss of a modelling agency Sybil Waite (Patricia Haines who was married to Michael Caine from 1955 until they divorced in 1962) in search of work. Along with her younger sister, Christine travels down to a large country house in Pirbright, Surry so that she can take part in a picture shoot in the houses grounds. The house is called Witches World, which you would imagine would be a big hint! Also the rather sinister Sybil is a lesbian and fancies Christine: if only that was their only problem? But low and behold the rather strange characters that populate the house are all part of a witches coven even the nice Doctor Amberly (Neil Hallett who went on to play Percy Hampton in Keep It Up Downstairs in 1976). Soon Christine, who I forgot to say has strange powers of her own, is converted and joins in the nightly naked romp. Will Christine convert her naïve younger sister, will Johnny rescue her in time, will you full asleep before the end, and do you really care? Watch the trailer - its better than the film and a lot shorter!

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