Thursday, 16 January 2014

2 Guns.

Sometimes you wonder if its worth putting pen to paper after watching some movies, but unless you do some other poor sod may be tempted to waste nearly two hours of his or her life watching Baltaser Kormakur’s latest feature film 2 Guns (2013).  My advice would be to give it a wide berth! This far-fetched nonsense is completely incapable of making any sense at all, in fact its could best be described as non coherent! It’s a so called ‘buddy’ movie choke full of action sequences, chases and more killings than you can wave a stick at: but its still boring! All the more surprising when you look at the directors CV which includes 101 Reykjavik (2006) and the brilliant Jar City (2006). The film also has star quality with Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg as undercover agents and Paula Patton; I’m not sure what her role is other posing provocatively in her underwear. The story has something to do with the two agents robbing a bank were they suspect a drug cartel are hiding their ill gotten gains but it turns out that the CIA have got $43 million stashed away in safety deposit boxes which apparently no one knew about. It a movie where everyone appears to be a baddy, but do you care - no! Best just watch the trailer, which incidentally made me want to watch the movie, but please don’t make my mistake.

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