Friday, 4 November 2011


Retirement is a 2000 piece Jigsaw puzzel?
Described as a quirky road movie this rather odd French film, Mammuth 2010 stars a hugely rotund Gerard Depardieu, a man you want to avoid on a plane journey, as Serge Pilardosee. Just turned 60 he is retired from his job in a meat packing plant but the poor man can’t draw his state pension because previous employers, and there was a lot of them, have not submitted records of his employment or earnings. Taking his old trusty Mammuth motorbike out of its enforced retirement he sets off on a journey to track down his ex-employers and elicit the required paperwork that will release his pension.

Perhaps its escaping on your trusty motorbike?

This curious movie is directed by the partnership of Gustave de Kervern and Beniot Delephine and features, as well as Depardieu who is superb, the Belgian actress Yolande Moreau, whose best work includes Seraphine (2009) Amelie (2001) and the ingenious Micmacs (2009), as the retirees long suffering wife, and Isabelle Adjani (Possession 1991, La Reine Margot 1994) as the ghost/spirit of Serge’s long dead girlfriend killed in a motorbike accident.  Funny and strangely bizarre with some very weird moments including one which involves our traveller with another pensioner engaging in a session of man to man mutual masturbation!! Can’t wait for the US remake?

or maybe its a time to reassess your past?

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