Tuesday, 27 September 2011

An Education

Jenny and her friends.

If Nick Hornby is responsible for a screenplay then you can bet that the script will include some great lines, some of the best are reserved for Rosamund Pike as the dippy Helen and Emma Thompson as the Headmistress in An Education (2009). Directed by the Dane Lone Scherfig this movie on a second viewing is still a joy from beginning to end. Set in 1961/62 and based on journalist Lynn Barbers autobiographical article about her schooldays. This coming of age drama stars Carey Mulligan, who is a breath of fresh air as Jenny a very bright 16-year-old in her final year at school studying for a place at Oxford. One a wet afternoon on her way home from orchestra practice she is picked up by the suave David Goldman (Peter Sarsgaard) in his rare Bristol 405 sports car. What follows is her seduction, not only by the ‘charming’ David, but also by the seemingly carefree lifestyle that he and his friends Helen and Danny (Dominic Cooper) enjoy. Jenny must decide where her future lies and does not get a lot of helpful advice from her lower middle class parents played by Alfred Molina in his best East Cheam manner and Cara Seymour as the rather more astute parent. This British movie was nominated for three Academy Awards: Best Picture, Best Actress (Carey Mulligan) and Best Adapted Screenplay.

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