Thursday, 23 December 2010


Yella Poster.
Christian Petzold’s debut feature Yella (2007) is a strange moody example of German cinema; described as a romantic thriller it’s neither romantic nor particularly thrilling. It tells the story of a women (Nina Hoss) whose involved in a violent car crash when her crazed ex-husband drives his Range Rover off a road bridge in to a river After crawling out of the river she continues her journey to Hanover to start what has become a non-existent job. She then hooks up with a roving venture capitalist assisting him to scam percentages from his business dealing’s.

There’s a baffling and unnecessary twist at the end of the story that make's nonsense of what went before, who does Petzold think he is David Lynch? An intriguing watch, but a disappointing ending.

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