Thursday, 20 May 2010

44 Inch Chest.

Lewis Mellis and David Scinto wrote the screenplay for the 2000 British gangster film Sexy Beast for which they won Best Screenplay at the British Independent Film Awards. 44 Inch Chest (2009) is their latest collaboration, writing a screenplay that makes bad language seem almost poetical and with most of the action taking place on a single set it gives the film the feel of a stage play. This debut feature film from British director Malcolm Venville deals with the unfashionable notion of male masculinity.

When Colin Diamond’s wife Liz announces she’s leaving him for another man he becomes distraught, beating her until she reveals her lovers name. Colin’s pals Archie, Mal, Meredith and Old Man Peanut kidnap Loverboy from the French restaurant where he works as a waiter and hold him in a decrepit East End safe house while the ever more distressed Colin decides what to do with him? Magnificent ensemble cast including Ray Winstone as Colin Diamond the jealous husband, Joanne Whalley as Colin’s amorous wife Liz, Ian McShane is the unapologetically gay Meredith, Mothers boy Archie is played by Tom Wilkinson, Stephan Dillane is the scornful thug Mal while the unbearably vindictive gangland relic Old Man Peanut is skilfully depicted by John Hurt. If your not to keen on the ‘odd’ swear word better give this a wide berth but otherwise enjoy the outstanding performances by some of Britain’s best actors.

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  1. Quality movie indeed! This film should have gotten more publicity, but it seems that the majority doesn't value a good back-n-forth these days. If something's not blown up in the first five minutes, a lot of people turn off. This film's explosions were more internal as Colin tried to wrap his head around that Haymaker his wife laid on him. Glad to see someone else appreciates quality cinema as well. Cheers