Thursday, 23 September 2010

Musical Week End!

With visitors last weekend they get to choose the movies, but some folk do not have the same interest in films as you and I. So it went to genre and their choice was musicals! Now in my film collection that does not leave a lot to choose from, some old 1930’s Jessie Matthews black and white films, The Blues Brothers, The Last Waltz or perhaps one of my favourite Nicole Kidman movie’s Moulin Rouge (2001).

It’s a frothy, heady mix of colour, music and dance. Has there ever been a more beautiful creature than Satine, has there ever been a more desirable creature than Satine and who does not shed a tear at her demise? Only the cold hearted and these without a shred of romance in their sole would not salivate over Moulin Rouge. A magical movie experience that warms the cockles of your heart.

That left a further nights viewing to sort out. I pride my self on never being stuck for a movie viewing experience so watching La Vie en Rose (2007) for the second time confirmed why Marion Cotillard won seven Best Actress Awards which included The Academy Award and The Bafta Award for her superb portrayal of Edith Piaf in which she became The Little Sparrow, what a performance!

And did my guests enjoy the two films? I’m not really sure; still you can only do your best.

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