Tuesday, 11 May 2010


Adapted by John Wrathall from C.P. Taylor’s 1981 play, Good (2007) was directed by Brazilian filmmaker Vicente Amorim who substitutes Budapest for 1930’s Berlin. Viggo Mortensen plays a rather unexciting academic in pre-war Nazi Germany who is unexpectedly summoned to the German Chancellery and invited, on the strength of a novel he once wrote, to draft a paper setting out the case for euthanasia. Professor John Halder is a weak willed man who does too little too late when he ignores the political upheaval going on around him to the detriment of his Jewish friend Maurice (Jason Isaacs) who begs his help to travel to Paris to escape the approaching death camps. It’s pretty obvious where the films going when Halder joins the party and sleepwalks through the ranks of the SS. Mortensen is a strange actor, sometimes setting the screen alight as in Eastern Promises (2007) and the western Appaloosa (2008) but certainly not in this disengaging movie which leaves little or no impact on the viewer

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