Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Three and Out

My interest in this British movie came about because it starred Mackenzie Crook who I had enjoyed in the brilliant BBC TV series Detectorists where he plays opposite Toby Jones as one of two metal detecting friends Andy. This award winning comedy has been a great joy to watch and all 3 series are highly recommended.

In Three and Out (2008) Crook plays Paul Callow a dreamer who is a driver on the London Underground system. He wants to move to Scotland (who in there right mind would not want to) and right a novel. But the sticking point is a lack of funds. After he has two fatal accidents, while driving his train, in less than a month he finds out that if he can manage a further fatal accident within the same month London Transport will give him early retirement and 10 years salary, which would allow him to live out his dream All he needs to do is find a volunteer to jump in front of his train!

I enjoyed the rather black humour of this twisted story, but I realise that I am in the minority. The critic hated it and ASLEF the train drivers union organised a protest at the movies premiere accusing the films plot of being ‘insulting and foolish’. They pointed out, quite rightly, that any train driver involved in fatal incidents could be traumatised by it.  Although I can see where the Union are coming from, I don’t agree with the critics.   

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