Sunday, 4 December 2016

All Neat in Black Stockings.

Victor Henry was described as a rising star when he made All Neat in Black Stockings in 1969 which he followed by some television work in the same year and then went on to make a couple of appearances in Thirty Minute Theatre. He also acted in a selection of stage work before his premature death at the age of 42 in November 1985. His death occurred when he was walking down a street when a car crashed into a lamppost that fell on his head. He was in hospital for over a year without gaining consciousness.

If the Christopher Morahan directed movie was anything to go by then this cross between a late sixties sex romp and a kitchen sink drama was not a very good example of Henry's acting skills. In the movie he plays Ginger a randy window cleaner who thinks he's Gods gift to women but is happy to share his conquests with his equally randy mate Dwyer played by Jack Shepherd in his debut movie. The main centre of attention is Jill played by the sultry Susan George in an early role.

For some reason that's beyond me the Network release on DVD is described as a cult classic, which it certainly is not. Taken from a Jane Gaskell novel who also co-wrote the screenplay, an author who was best known for writing fantasy, which is probable the best way to describe this nonsense.

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