Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Butterfly on a Wheel.

I do like a film with a twist - especially one you’re not expecting. Directed by British director Mike Barker, best known for his TV work on series like Outlander and the second series of Broadchurch, and shot mainly in Canada with Vancouver filling in nicely for Chicago, Butterfly on a Wheel (2007), or as it’s known in the USA Shattered, certainly has a grand twist.
Will the perfect couple complete their tasks on time to save their child?
We have what would appear to be the perfect American couple, man and wife Neil and Abbey Randall (Gerard Butler and Maria Bello) and their young daughter Sophie. They reside in a large comfortable modern house in Chicago and are obviously quite well off. Their American dream world is turned up side down when Sophie is suddenly kidnapped by Tom Ryan (Pierce Brosnan). Our middle class marrieds are then put through a series of twisted tasks by a cold and calculating sociopath to keep their child alive.
or will Tom Ryan excerpt his justice?

Certainly not an earth shattering movie, excuse the pun, but an entertaining 90 minute mystery thriller in which Brosnan pulls out all the stops as the ‘villain’ and one which will keep you guessing right up until the end. A film for a wet afternoon and if you don’t leave it to long can be seen on the BBC’s iPlayer. 

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