Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Sisters of Death.

Six attractive young women take part in a ceremony inducting two new members into ‘The Sisters Secret Society’. Part of the ritual includes what should have been a fake game of Russian roulette that goes very wrong and kills Liz (Elizabeth Bergen) one of the new recruits. Moving forward seven years each of the remaining ‘sisters’ receives an invitation inviting each of them to a reunion. When they get to their hotel two men have been sent to collect the girls and transport them to a large estate in the desert. The house turns out to be very spacious villa with its own swimming pool; food and drink are laid on for their arrival. The two men drive off but return attracted by the girls. What none of them notice is the high electrified fence that surrounds the property obviously designed to keep the house guests from leaving. On further investigation they discover that Liz’s father who has sworn to get revenge on the girls for the death of his daughter owns the estate. 

As you can probable guess various unsavoury things begin to happen to both the girls and the two Casanovas and I would not dream of spoiling Sisters of Death (1976) for you if like me you are a fan of Grindhouse or B-movies. The copy of the film on the Grindhouse Channel was not particularly good but I don’t think you can blame its bleached out exterior shots on that.

Shot in 1972 but not released until 1976 it was directed by Joseph Mazzuca and starred amongst others Claudia Jennings an American actress and model who was the Playboy Magazines Playmate of the Year for 1970 and who appeared in various feature films and TV shows in the 1970’s before her premature death in a car crash at the age of 29. 

As with this kind of low budget movies it has a simple, slightly corny story line, although the second half hot’s up considerably, the acting is as you would expect but all in all it’s not a bad film. Plenty of pretty young ladies, but surprisingly without the nudity that normally embellishes this type of genre, and some good thrills and a climatic shot-out make it an interesting watch. Unfortunately the movie ends with a dubious explanation of the films reasoning which is its only real shortcoming.

Claudia Jennings Playmate of the Year 1970.

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