Tuesday, 29 December 2015

It Follows.

Watching the lo-fi atmospheric horror It Follows (2015) makes you wonder if director and writer David Robert Mitchell deliberately set out to give us a lesson in morality. Certainly he laid it on thick about the dangers inherent in modern morality with unprotected, out of wedlock; sexual encounters that have no connection with ‘love‘ and of course could lead to STDs. It may be an old fashioned take on the movie but that’s how I interpreted it. Many other viewers will see this as a good well-made modern day teen horror movie with a great sense of foreboding that all the best films from this genre should have, and they will not be far wrong.  Either way this tale of a sexually transmitted curse will certainly entertain.

Back seat sex leads to all sorts of problems for Jay.
When Jay Height (Maika Monroe) a high school student finally decides to loose her virginity her life is immediately turned upside down in a most horrendous fashion when she learns that the boy who has deflowered her has passed on a deadly supernatural curse which means that a shape shifting apparition, only she can see, will follow her with the intention of ending her life in rather unpleasant manner unless she passes on the curse on by having consenting sex with different young man.
Jay begins to relies that if she had paid more attention at Sunday School none of this would be happening. 
Filmed on location in and around Detroit Michigan, which itself takes on a sinister nightmarish quality with the help of DOP Michael Giolakis’s skilful camerawork coupled with a soundtrack by the bizarrely named Disasterpeace (aka Rich Vreeland) boasts the movies disturbing horror element to great effect. I was impressed by both the lead actress and also how the director makes the story totally believable – and scary.    

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