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Berlin born filmmaker Jorg Buttgereit is best known for a series of controversial films made during the 1980’s and the early 1990’s, films that deal with the relationship between love, sex and death, Nekromantik (1987) deals with all three in a story of a boy and girl and a rotting corpse!    

Rob (Daktari Lorenz) is employed by Joe's Street Cleaning Agency, a company that handles the unenviable task of cleaning up grisly accidents and crime scenes. But Rob has a particular reason for liking his chosen profession, allowing him as it does to indulge in his hobby of choice, collecting body parts, which he keeps preserved in jars around his flat. Tasked with transporting the body of a young man from a murder scene, Rob seizes the opportunity to abscond with the corpse bringing it home, much to the delight of his equally unhinged girlfriend, Betty (Beatrice Manowski). But when Rob gets the sack from the cleaning company Betty is not overjoyed and leaves him, taking the corpse with her. At this point in his life Rob’s only redemption is through a very sharp knife.

Basically the story of a boy and a girl and a rotting corpse!

Banned in a number of countries, the British Board of Film Classification did not pass the film uncut, albeit unsurprisingly with an 18 certificate, until last year (2014). The film involves transgressive subject matter including necrophilia, violence, animal cruelty and some other very skin crawling behaviour along with various unsavoury imagery the worst of which involves our two protagonists making love to the corpse, jamming a length of pipe into it to act as a penis for the sexual gratification of Betty!
A job for the Street Cleaning agency.

Made with a ‘non-budget’ its bad acting and dodgy camerawork are synonymous with this filmmaker, but I do not exaggerate when I say every grisly act is fully demonstrated leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination! It’s a film that was made to shock, and shock it does. John Waters proclaimed the film, "the first ever erotic film for necrophiliacs”. I refuse to judge this film or its content on your behalf; you’re an adult - read the synopsis and make up our own mind whether or not to see it?
The End.

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