Sunday, 14 November 2010

Dogtooth (2009)

Me and my sister's would like to perform this little routine!
Once upon a time there was a father, mother and their three grown up children, a son and two daughters. The three children are imprisoned within their own home and its beautiful grounds which in turn are surrounded by a very tall fence. They are being educated, entertained and exercised in a manner that their parents deem appropriate, without influence from the outside world. The only person allowed to visit the house and its grounds is Christine who works as a security guard at the father’s factory. The main reason for her visits is to satisfy the son’s growing sexual desires. All the family are very fond of this outsider and none more than the eldest daughter. One day Christine gives her a present and favours are exchanged!!

This somewhat chilling ‘fairy tale’ is the 2009 Greek drama Dogtooth directed by Yorgos Lanthimos which deservedly won the Prix Un Certain Regard at 2009’s Cannes Film Festival . Similar camera work to that experienced in the recent Swedish film Involuntary for example fixed camera shots that rarely show the characters in there entirety. Brightly lit views of both house and garden cleverly attempts to disguise the dark humour contained within this truly original movie. This is a film you have just got to see; Sight and Sound describe its nearest neighbours as Bad Boy Bubby (1993) Home (2008) and the UK's very own Mum and Dad (2008).

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