Friday, 27 February 2015

Good for Nothing (Buoni a nulla)

Actor director and writer Gianni Di Gregorio has followed up his two previous movies with another warm gentle comedy about men of a certain age. In his debut film Mid August Lunch (2008) we find a cash strapped Gianni in his late fifties whose chief task in life is to take care of his 93 year old mother, a sprightly old girl who seems intent on spending Gianni's inheritance. If that's not bad enough he is tasked with looking after two further senior ladies about the same age and temperament as his mother. Gregorio’s follow up movie, where he again plays the same lead character, was The Salt of Life (2011). Gianni has now retired and mother is the grand age of 95, and our life long bachelor is looking for some female recognition.
How can you not love this character?

Gianni's new boss!

At the 2015 Glasgow Film Festival under the Cinemaster's banner was a rare chance to see Gregorio third feature film. Surprisingly at present this latest movie has not got a distributor in the UK. Although Gregorio plays the lead character, again called Gianni and he does resembles the previous characters traits, but it is now six months before his retirement is due. One morning he is called into the director’s office and given the cheery news that the law has changed and he will have to work a further three years. But this isn't the end of the bad news he is being transferred from head office to one of the modern satellite offices where he will be expected to carry out a full days work something he has not necessarily been used too! But he now has a chance to find new friendships and there may even be a possibility of finding some female companionship?
The new love of his life?

All three films are in a class of their own and Good for Nothing (2014) is no different. It has that gentle lightweight comedy that washes over the viewer, coupled with larger than life characters we have come to expect from Gianni di Gregorio.  How much further can he take this character? We may have to wait a another three years to find out? Hopefully it won’t be long before this wonderful wee movie gets a well-deserved distribution in the UK and then you can all enjoy it. 

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