Thursday, 7 August 2014

Afternoon Delight.

A film about modern married life – American style - you know the type, wife has regular visits to the shrink because she deems her sex life a dead loss, husband would rather spend time with ‘the boys’ then with his wife – plus one small child and a social circle of rich middle class ‘know it all’s’.
Kathryn Hahn.
So how will Rachel and Jeff spice up their sex life? Doctor Lenore’s (Jane Lynch) therapy sessions are not working, mainly because she has more hang-ups than her paying customers! The answers obvious, no not Internet porn, a trip to a local strip/pole dancing establishment recommended by a couple from the middle class social circle referred to earlier. After a few drinks Jeff pays for a private booth session for his wife with one of the ‘dancers’ a rather attractive young lady called McKenna (played by a very sexy Juno Temple) although Rachel does seem to get quite excited by the attention lavished on her it does nothing to improve her expected night of passion with her husband! Meeting McKenna out side the confines of the sex club she discovers that she lives out of the back of a car and when its towed away she does what ever caring citizen would do – invites her to come live in her spare room and share her home with her family becoming a live in nanny to her child. Is not before long that Rachel realises that McKenna is a sex worker, which means that she sells favours to gentlemen that can afford to pay for her time. Mine you having Juno Temple living in your spare room can’t be all bad - sex worker or not! The two women develop a relationship with Rachel accompanying McKenna, as an observer of course, when she visits one of her regulars. Gradually Rachel sex life improves, but does she live “happily ever after” well your just have to watch the movie to find that out?
What have you got in your spare room? 

A private session with Juno Temple.

Director Jill Soloway, who made her name writing for the hit TV series Six Foot Under, received the Directing award (United States Drama) at the 2013 Sundance Film festival for Afternoon Delight (2013). And strangely a delight it really is especially for an American comedy/drama? The film has two main pluses; Soloway writing is full of dark humour that happens to be really funny and the cast is exceptional. Kathryn Hahn who plays Rachel is for me a natural comedic talent whose very screen presence increases your viewing pleasure and the remainder of the ensemble cast are excellent each and every one adding to the films humour. A movie that goes a long way to prove that all middle class Americans are in need of psychotherapy?

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