Monday, 24 June 2013

Iron Sky

‘Mission Liberty’ is a moon landing undertaken in 2018 by the USA to promote the re-election of Sarah Palin as President of the United States. This missions by-line is ‘Black to the Moon – Yes She can’, as one of the space traveller’s is an Afro-American male model! Upon landing the two space men discover that the moon now houses a Helium 3 mine manned by Nazi’s that escaped in a space craft to the dark side of the moon in 1945 following Germany’s defeat at the end of World War 2. One of the American astronauts is killed, but the black cosmonaut James Washington is captured alive, he then has his skin colour changed and now resembles an albino. Along with a group of Nazi’s he travels’ back to earth to help indoctrinate the Americans with National Socialist ideology. The American people and their President welcome there guests with open arms and Ms. Plain gets re-elected and does what the USA always does best: start a war, this one, she says, will end all wars but as history tells us there’s no chance of that!
The Nazi's take over the White House.
This science fiction comedy directed by Finnish director Timo Vuorensola is a satire on how the world see’s American politics, proved by the fact that most country’s, except Britain and the US, helped finance it!  One must admit that this virtually straight to video movie is not quite up to the standard of Dr Strangelove (1964). In fact with the dodgy special effects, bad acting and its politically incorrect theme and implausible plot the only thing going for it is that in most films involving Nazi’s - they’re the baddies, but in this movie you get a choice. 

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