Sunday, 23 December 2012

It’s a Wonderful Wife.

Danger: warning not for people with acute sensibilities.  

Am I one of the only people in the whole universe that does not like It’s a Wonderful Life the 1946 movie directed by Frank Capra?  A very irritating James Stewart plays the main lead George Bailey, a man with mug written all over him: he even turns down a fantastic job with a salary of $20000 per year, this is the 1940’s remember! The film should be called It’s a Wonderful Wife, the poor women is left to completely renovate a very large derelict house, bring up a brood of young kids and carry out the cooking and cleaning and still look a million dollars when George comes home late from work. What a great role model this character is?  Its because of the modern equivalent of men like our Mr Bailey that the worlds financial institutions are in such a pickle i.e. you lend money to people that have no viable means of paying it back! Baileys relations are not much better! Uncle Billy Bailey misplaces all the companies money because he’s too busy abusing a disabled man, the same man that offered George the great job, the same man that appears to keep Bedford Falls financially ticking over, I could go on.

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