Thursday, 9 August 2012

Troll Hunter.

Trolls have become humanised. 

Norwegian director Andre Ovredal has turned a authenticated rough-cut version of a mysterious documentary in to an intriguing cinematic experience about creatures that up to now were thought to exist only in fairy tales! Apparently a group of media students decided to investigate a series of suspicious bear killings. A shadowy hunter comes under suspicion but wants nothing to do with the young students in the first instance, but gradually they win his trust. Han’s admits that he works secretly for the government and his job is to eradicate trolls that escape from their defined territory and put human life at risk. He agrees that our students can join his dangerous mission and film the Trolls!

The Mountain King.

Trolls became people in their own right, but generally refer to live away from humans to who there considered dangerous. They can be ugly and are considered slow-witted and are generally found in Scandinavian countries but allegedly can also be found in Shetland and Orkney. There are four basic types of troll; The Mountain Kings, the smallest of the species who can be recognised from their noses which appear like a certain part of the male anatomy, The Three Headed which means that no pray can escape their grasp, The Ferocious, the only one of the four that prefers to live in urbanised areas and are often found living under bridges. These have a particular taste for goats and rubber tyres. The final troll species is known as The Jotner, a gigantic deformed fast moving beast and the ugliest of the four. They all can smell Christians blood, usually eat rocks, but love meat including that found in humans. The only way to kill these largely unseen beasts is by exposure to light when they can turn to stone or explode. If your thinking of hunting trolls then I would suggest you take with you protective headgear, eyewear and a change of clothes. Also a UV-light may be a good idea. It’s wonderful what you can learn from watching an informative documentary!

The Jotner the biggest of the Trolls.

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