Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Pitch Black.

The strange planet with three suns.

The Science-Fiction genre is not something I’ve always appreciated, but recently that seems to have changed, enjoying films like Ken Russell’s Altered States (1980) and Ridley Scots recent release Prometheus (2012) and when a colleague at my Film Club loaned me a copy of the American cult movie Pitch Black (2000) it reinforced my new found admiration for the genre. The secret of a good sci-fi movie is that it must appear totally believable and David Twohy film does just that.

The escaped convict Richard B Riddick.

As well a full contingent of crewmembers the transport ship Hunter Gratzner is also carrying 40 passengers and a dangerous prisoner known as Riddick (Vin Diesel) who is accompanied by a lawman William J Johns (Cole Hauser). When the ship collides with a meteor shower they awake from their cryo-sleep to find the Captain dead and the ship completely out of control. Taking command of the situation Docking pilot Carolyn Fry (Radha Mitchell) crash-lands the transporter on to a strange planet with three suns; Riddick uses this confusion to make his escape. The only way to get off the planet is to rebuild the spacecraft found on an abandoned space station.  There is not trace of the stations original occupants but when the visitors discover the reason for their disappearance they are forced to turn to Riddick to help them escape the horrors of this unknown world.

We've got to get out of this place!!!

Thrilling and exciting with some strong characters especially Riddick the dangerous convict whose surgically altered eyes allows him to see in the dark, a highly skilled individual who has a vast knowledge of how to kill! We have a story that completely holds your attention, some great special effects, some scary creatures and a great location, filming took place in the remote Australian town of Cooper Pedy, a place described as a unique environment that looks more desolate than Mars, (does any body actually live there?) and where the futuristic thriller Mad Max (1979) was filmed. Great fun.

The End? Possibly. 

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