Friday, 27 April 2012

The Mirror

Tarkovsky's mother reflects on her life.

‘Tarkovsky’s body of work establishes that the Hollywood mode of narrative is not the only way in which film can create an emotional response from an audience’.[1]  In-between Solaris (1972) and Stalker (1979) he made The Mirror (1975) “A film which does not impose, doesn’t suggest anything, it just tries to arouse in you the most beautiful feelings and thoughts. A film for imaginative people.” Each of us can see, or ponder, our own life through this movie; The Mirror is our own reflection! Are some of you afraid to dream?

The Mirror's Russian Poster.
The film is said to be personal, blending childhood memories including the director’s evacuation to the countryside from his home in Moscow during the war, his relationship with his troubled father and mother, using contemporary footage, archive newsreel and actual poetry written by his father. The film covers three different time frames: pre-war, wartime and the 1960’s.

A clip from the film showing the beautiful Soviet military balloon from the Spanish Civil War.

The Mirror is typical of Andrei Tarkovsky’s directing style, long takes where time seems to stand still, and beautiful dreamy poetic imagery. It maybe hard to summarise but this is cinematic poetry that will titillate you’re visual senses. Another of Tarkovsky’s film's that deserves more than one viewing.

[1] Review of film from Michael Zeigerman.

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