Thursday, 5 April 2012


Its hard work being Emperor of Rome!

In the dying days of the Empire, Ancient Rome falls under the rule of Caligula, the most evil and perverse emperor ever to wield power over men. An incestuous, psychopathic despot, hell-bent on bloodshed and sodomy. A Roman orgy of sex, violence and depravity, an explosion of lust, lesbianism, torture and bloodshed….

Helen Mirren said 'it was a mix of art and genitals'.

I first saw Caligula in an independent cinema in London’s Soho in 1979/80. This grandiose epic is now available in a completely uncut hardcore version on Blu-ray!!!!

Caligula's sister's not looking to well?

Produced and funded by Bob Guccione, founder and publisher of the adult magazine Penthouse. Gore Vidal wrote the original script and the movie was directed by Tinto Brass both of whom disowned the film when Guccione brought in 13 Penthouse Pets and added additional scenes to spice up the action. And what action!!!!! Helen Mirren, who plays Caesonia Caligula’s wife, described the film as ‘A mix of art and genitals’, which really sums it up. As well a Mirren the film stars Malcolm McDowell as the Emperor, Peter O’Toole as Caligula’s grandfather Tiberius, John Gielgud as Nerva, Teresa Ann Savoy as the incestuous sister of Caligula and the legendary Italian B Movie star John Steiner as Longinus the Emperor’s right hand man.

Those Penhouse Pets know how to enjoy themselves.

On its release the film was panned by critics and if I remember correctly got a minimal release in this country. There are endless versions of this film but I would assume that this latest Blu-ray release has got to be definitive one. The question has always been, not ‘is it a good film’ but does it overdose on sexually explicit material? The answers got to be yes and I would advice anyone that is easily offended by the naked human form and on screen fornication to give it a wide berth, for the rest of you its great run, a movie curiosity, but great fun. 

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