Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The Lincoln Lawyer

Nice office Mickey.
Mickey Haller, the son of the famous Los Angeles defence attorney, followed in his father’s footsteps. When his father passed away he inherited his Colt Woodsman pistol that had been given to the old man by a famous local gangster who he had got off a murder rap. Haller has been married and divorced twice once to Lorna Taylor who is currently his office secretary and the second time to Maggie McPherson who is a career prosecutor with the L A District Attorneys Office a women with whom he maintains a close relationship they also share a 14 year old daughter. For convenience sake this wheeler-dealer hotshot lawyer works from his Lincoln Town automobile, he may be street smart and know how to ‘work’ the legal system but he cannot hide his humane streak.

Mickey Haller is a fictional character created by prolific novelist Michael Connelly and the subject of Brad Furman’s second feature film The Lincoln Lawyer (2011). Haller lands the case of a Beverly Hills playboy with rich family connections who has been accused of brutally beating a prostitute. During, what turns out to be a complicated case, Mickey has to reassess his own inadequacies. 

The every watchable Marisa Tomei.

Mickey Haller gives Matthew McConaughey a chance to leave his lightweight roles behind and to be fair he grabs the chance with both hands. The movie also has a great supporting cast which includes Ryan Phillippe as the accused playboy Louis Roulet, the always worth watching Marisa Tomei as Maggie McPherson with William H Macy as Private Investigator Frank Levin and Frances Fisher as Mary Windsor Roulet’s rich mother. Swiss cinematographer Lukas Ettlin has made a grand attempt to show the real Los Angeles and not the Hollywood version we normally see. Add to this mix a great soundtrack and you have a very good evenings entertainment. 

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