Friday, 25 March 2011

Sex and Lucia

I seem to be coming across Spanish writer and director Julio Medem quite a bit lately, it started with The Red Squirrel (1993) and then Room in Rome (2010) and now Sex and Lucia (2001) probably his best known film and his first big international success. A film that interweaves between past and present, people in real life and characters created in a novel by one of the films main characters. Written by Medem and described as having a plot that “dissolves into a very lyrical eroticism with repeated references to both the ocean and beach” it’s a love story between Lucia (Paz Vega who won a Goya Award for Best Female Newcomer) and her boyfriend Lorenzo, a writer played by Tristan Ulloa. To be honest the films not always easy to follow although always attractive viewing including strangely bleached out beech scenes! Far too long and requires repeated viewing but I’m not sure if this will really help!

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