Thursday, 30 December 2010


Caye and Zulema.
 I would be the first to admit that I do tend to watch a lot of movies, but rarely do I see one that contains so much feeling. A truly wonderful and moving piece of Spanish cinema, beautifully demonstrating human relationships. Princesses (2005), directed by Fernando Leon de Aranoa, tells the story of two young prostitutes (the princesses of the title) plying their trade in Madrid. Middle class Caye, (Candela Pena, All About Mother 1999, Torremolinos 73 2003) is saving for breast implants “men like big tits”, and Zulema, (Micaela Nevarez) is saving money to send to her young son and family in the Dominican Republic.

Candela Pena, whose performance raises the film above the normal Hollywood tart with a heart stereotype, won Best Actress and Micaela Nevarez Best New Actress at The Goya Awards, the Spanish equivalent to the United States Academy Awards. As well as the human relationships the films splendid script tackles both illegal immigration and HIV. This movie deserved a far wider release.

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