Tuesday, 7 December 2010

I’m Still Here

As I only saw half of RBCs Monday nights Film Club offering I suppose it’s unfair to judge I’m Still Here (2010) in its entirety, but unless the second half improved beyond all recognition then I will assume that that it was just as bad as the first half. A story of self-destruction involving a known public figure namely one Joaquin Phoenix. Phoenix is best known for his portrayal of the great country singer Johnny Cash (A man I’ve seen perform live twice!) I Walk the Line 2005 won him a Golden Globe for Best Actor he has also been nominated for awards in Gladiator 2000, Buffalo Soldiers 2001and Hotel Rwanda 2004 amongst others, therefore its no exaggeration to state that he was a successful and popular actor. For this reason it was a surprise to all and sundry when he announced his retirement from acting and his intended transition into a career as a hip hop artist, and even a bigger surprise when his brother-in-law and fellow actor Casey Affleck decided to make a ‘documentary’ about Phoenix’s crash and burn.

The big question is was this movie originally intended as a documentary or, as it was later claimed, a mockumentry? I think the answer is who cares! Mockumentry or documentary this is possible the worst film I have ever had the misfortune to see. I’m certainly no prude but this sordid movie with its bad language, male nudity and drug taking offended me, as did the mumbling performance from the lead actor, we even had to be provided with subtitles. Summing up; its mind numbingly boring tripe.

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