Saturday, 11 December 2010

Burke and Hare

Burke and Hare.
What makes a good film or at least one you can enjoy? My stock answer to this question would normally be ‘a good story, well told’. But I admit this is not always the case, for example sometimes it’s just that a particular film makes you laugh. Burke and Hare (2010) did just that and not only me, it was great to hear the RBC audience laughing out loud.

This Ealing Studio production announced itself by stating ‘This is a true story except for the parts that are not’ which sets the tone for the whole film! This black comedy is directed by John Landis, his first feature film release for twelve years, and is based on the notorious West Port murders that took place in Edinburgh between November 1827 and October 1828. The killings were attributed to two Ulstermen, William Burke and William Hare, who, it was alleged, sold their 17 victims to provide cadavers for Doctor Robert Knox to dissect for the study and teaching of anatomy to his students at the Edinburgh Medical College.

Amongst the many well-known names that appear in this movie Simon Pegg appears as Burke, Andy Serkis as Hare with Tom Wilkinson as the ‘good’ Doctor Knox. With cameos from the likes of Bill Bailey, Tim Curry, Sir Christopher Lee, Ronnie Corbett, Paul Whitehouse and Jenny Agutter. An enjoyable and relaxed evening at the cinema.

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