Saturday, 11 September 2010


To describe director and writer Olivier Marchal's follow up to 36 Orfevres Quaides (2004) as gritty is an understatement! Tense, gripping and extremely bloody goes some way in describing the edgy French crime drama, MR73 (2008), which was inspired by true events.

Louis Schneider
A cop on the edge of an emotional breakdown, Louis Schneider (Daniel Auteuil), is on the trail of a violent madman. Charles Subra (Philippe Nahon) is up for parole after serving 25 years for rape and murder. At the parole board he insists that he’s a changed man, finding God and recognising the error of his ways. Justine (Olivia Bonamy), who witnessed her mother and father’s brutal killing, does not believe that, Subra has changed. She makes the unusual decision to write to the killer in prison telling him that she thinks that a life sentence should really mean a life sentence.

Manurhin MR73
There’s a lot more depth to this movie than my short synopsis would suggest, it certainly asks the viewer to determine the good from the bad. French crime drama at its best. Indecently the title refers to a Manurhin MR73, a French double action revolver. Its standard issue for French elite police and military special weapons and tactics teams.

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