Tuesday, 6 September 2016

To Steal from a Thief (Cien Anos de perdon)

This action packed crime drama is the story of a politically motivated bank robbery that takes place in the centre of a busy rain soaked Valencia. A group of six heavily armed men with bomb vests enter a large bank shortly after opening time. Members of staff including the banks scorned manager (Patricia Vico) and early customers are held hostage while the criminals attempt to open the safety deposit boxes and steal the contents. It's not long before you begin to realise that it's not only cash and jewellery that the thieves are after. Led by a career criminal by the name of El Uruguayo (Argentinian actor Rodrigo de la Serna who you may recognise from his award winning performance in 2004's The Motorcycle Diaries) who certainly has a hidden agenda. With the security forces surrounding the bank it’s discovered that the escape tunnel they have previously prepared is now flooded due to the mornings freak storm and there is now no escape. Tensions mount between El Uruguayo and his partner in crime El Gallegos (the very well regarded Spanish actor Luis Tosar ) leading to a harsh confrontation between the two men that unsettles the other members of the gang and puts the hostages ever more in fear of their lives.
The Robbery.

The Hostages.

Directed by Daniel Calparsoro and written by Jorge Guerricaechevarria the movie is set against the Spanish economic collapse with a backstory that includes political corruption and greed. The film holds your attention due to the acting but a lot of credit must also go to the film's tight and solid script, stylishly transferred from page to screen by the director. Its UK première was at 2016 Edinburgh International Film Festival as part of its European Perspective strand and hopefully will eventually get a general UK release.

The Bank Manager.

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