Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Home Care ( Domaci pece).

Czech filmmaker Slavek Horak début feature film, which he wrote and acts in, was inspired by stories of his own mother’s life. Home Care (2015) was the Czech entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 88th Academy Awards and stars Alena Mihulova as Viasta, South Moravia's very own Mother Teresa, a dedicated home care nurse and tireless domestic goddess, a woman who puts every body first even frogs! Lada (Bolek Polivka) Viasta husband is like many men virtually useless and has not kissed his wife since their wedding day and baring in mind that they have a grownup daughter who is about to be married that could be construed a very long time! Then one rainy evening whilst getting an unsolicited lift home on the back of Speedy's motor bike she is involved in an accident that not only changed her physical well being but also her outlook on life when she realises that she must now become reliant on help from all these that she has spent most of her life helping.
Viasta the dedicated home care nurse....

....and tireless domestic goddess.

On the surface this is an emotional journey involving a sad hard-pressed woman who owns very little, other than her self-respect. But it's not a sad film, yes we see the struggle that Viasta has to endure just to get through her working day, yes we see how impossible it is for members of her close family to demonstrate the love this woman deserves. Even allowing for all this emotional hardship she tackles life with a great sense of humour, and it's the underlying bittersweet humour that carries this highly recommended look at Czech working class life.  

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