Monday, 11 May 2015

Easy Money 3: Life Deluxe.

In the final part of the Snabba cash trilogy based on Jens Lapidus’s novels we find Johan ‘JW’ Westland (Joel Kinnaman whose latest film Child 44 is on general release) in Los Angeles trying to discover how his missing sister died, with Jorge Salinas Barrio (Matias Varela) determined to carry out one last very high value hoist so he can build a hotel on the sun kissed coast of Mexico and retire to a life of luxury with Nadja (Madeline Martin) his girlfriend.  Making a far greater impression than in the first two films, we see an awful lot more of the vicious Mafia gangster and suspected Serbian war criminal Radovan Kroynec (Dejan Cukic), but unbeknown to him the police have infiltrated his criminal organisation via a young recruit Martin Hagerstrom (Martin Wallstrom) who against all the odds falls in love with Radovan’s sinisterly attractive daughter Natalie (Malin Buska).
Plenty of action.... a rather sinister lady.

In Easy Money 3: Life Deluxe (2013) we find yet another director in the chair, this time its Jen Jonsson who was responsible for the story and the screenplay. Although this final part is more exciting than Easy Money 2: Hard to Kill (2012) and does have some very good action packed sequences there always appears to be to much going on, giving the viewer a very complicated narrative to digest, that at times is hard to follow. So much so that the films jumps backwards and forwards between timespans to help explain the ‘whys and wherefores’ of each situation which in my opinion is cheap story telling or just maybe the director is not doing a good enough job. To sum up the trilogy the first part, Easy Money (2010) is certainly the best of the three movies and indeed is the one you should not miss. 

The End.

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