Tuesday, 13 January 2015

The House of Magic.

The house of magic is a great description of the cinema especially when your going for the very first time as a pre-treat for your fourth birthday and your accompanied by your three year old cousin who is also at Fountain Park’s Cineworld for the first time. The look on their faces when the auditorium went dark, the family orientated adverts started followed by trailers for the latest children’s films including Aardman’s Shaun the Sheep movie, due for release at the beginning of February, was well worth the trip to Edinburgh. Cineworld run two separate children’s films on a Saturday morning both starting at 10:10am and charge just one price per ticket which meant that seven of us got in for the very reasonable total cost of £10:50, I think the popcorn was more expensive! My only grumble was the length of time taken over the trailers and advert’s, this amounted to 30 minutes which is along time to expect young children to sit before the main attraction starts.
Charlie and Hollie meet Shaun the Sheep.
The film that was showing in Screen 5 was the Belgian computer animated fantasy comedy film The House of Magic (2013) not something I would have normally chosen to see, but to be honest I found it quite entertaining, great fun and it certainly charmed the children who, in our case were very well behaved. The simple and straightforward story involved an overly cute cat that was dumped by its owners and found its way to the house of an old retired magician which he shares with a dazzling array of mechanical toys and gadgets. Not everyone is pleased to see Thunder the Cat in fact Jack Rabbit and Maggie Mouse see him as a rival for the affections of Lawrence the Magician and want him out. But when the real villain makes his move all join forces to save Lawrence’s house. I think my grandchildren might well want to return to the magic of cinema at sometime in the near future?


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