Monday, 3 November 2014

The Lady Assassin.

Feisty women with dark secrets, evil outlaws, corrupt officials and a very healthy dose of ‘skilled’ martial arts action come together to help create the biggest ever box office hit in Vietnam - The Lady Assassin (2013).

An action packed movie....

Directed by Quang Dung Nguyan, the film opens with us witnessing a young goat herder coming across a group of men, this friendly soul offers to direct the group to a local tavern were the travellers could get food and drink. On there arrival at the hostelry the men discover that the place is run by four very beautiful young women who serve the refreshments and as the men gradually let their guard down they attack them using their obvious superior martial arts skills and kill every last one. They then set about relieving the corpses of any valuables in their possession. Also being transported by the travellers was a large trunk; in this they not only find gold but also a young female - securely bound. When they release her she attempts an escape but is quickly recaptured. The group of women allow the new girl, who they discover was born of a noble family that was slain by an evil general, to become a gang member of their emotionless society and to this end begin to train her to become a skilled assassin, which would allow her to avenge her family's massacre. At first she finds it difficult to except her fate, but soon settles into her new way of life.

....with some eye catching cinematography.  

Not only is this movie action packed with some brilliant set pieces, and the ladies a real pleasure to look at, it is is beautifully photographed by Trinh Hoan Nguyen. Made on location in Vietnam, whose countryside offers up some wonderful scenery, it’s an enjoyable escapist romp through the world of martial arts with a climax that's worth the admission price on its own. Just relax and enjoy.

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