Monday, 21 July 2014

Sunshine on Leith.

It’s extremely rare that I switch off a DVD or leave a cinema screening before the end of a film, but with Sunshine on Leith (2013) I was more than happy to make an exception. I managed to struggle through the first 25 minutes before I gave up on this ridiculously embarrassing piece of gobbledygook!

I would question the ambiguity of film? Perhaps director Dexter Fletcher (Wild Bill 2012) and writer Stephen Greenhorn, who adapted his own musical, meant it as a light hearted ‘feel good’, what ever that means, comedy musical? Sorry it didn’t work, no one could sing and it wasn’t funny! Perhaps it was meant to be a magical realist fairy tale, but nothing in it spouted wings! Watching the first 25 minutes was a twee, cringe worthy experience, which I doubt improved much as the film went on. It may have hoodwinked most people but I would be happy to walk 500 miles to avoid ever seeing any part of this film again………

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