Monday, 5 May 2014

Happy Together.

Martin and Eline (Bien De Moor) are the perfect example of a happy couple. They live in a beautiful house, together with their two children. For them it’s like living in a dream. But when they sign the deed to purchase a summer residence in Tuscany, their fortune starts to crumble. The disappearance of their bank manager with large sums of money causes a serious of setbacks that bring the perfect looking family to the ground. Or are these setbacks much more the result of errors of judgment Martin made in an effort to secure his status? In an attempt to protect his family and himself, Martin increasingly gets caught in his own web of lies and cheating. The only way out seems to be a drastic one.[1]
A grand life style.

Happy families?

Directed by Geoffrey Enthoven, the Belgium film director, screenwriter and editor, this is a story of the hard done by upper middle class. The poor souls discover that they are unable to afford a second home in Tuscany, which for them seems like the end of the world. Does Martin except that after his bank manager Fred has embezzled all his money and that he is lucky his family live a life of luxury anyway and its certainly not life and death that they need a holiday home!  Obviously the answers no - otherwise there would not be a story! Well he askes his boss for a loan but his boss refuses and instead offers Martin a well paid promotion in the pharmaceutical company were he works if he agrees to skip further in-house testing of a new line in pills and go straight to human testing to beat a rival company in marketing this new product. Martin gives the proposition little thought before accepting. When the human guinea pigs start to become seriously ill Martin realises his serious mistake. His life is further complicated when he has an affair with his bosses sexy wife.
Eline is not enough for Martin.... 

....he has to share his bosses wife!

More like a slightly overlong TV drama than a feature film but it did win an acting award for the Flemish TV actor Ben Van Ostade who plays Martin. The acting is generally believable and the DOP does a grand job highlighting the family’s privileged life style. But the problem is that you know what is going to happen, it just takes an eternity to get there!

[1] Translated synopsis from the DVD.

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