Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Charlotte (Short Film)

A good-looking woman in red dress and leather jacket enters Hotel Room 121. We witness her ringing for an escort for the evening. She makes her self-comfortable and pours herself a drink that she shares with her unseen guest.
Charlotte (Mylene Launey) wakes in her own apartment and makes breakfast, see’s the time and rushes of to work. Forgetting her mobile she goes back inside the flat. Sitting on the sofa is the women in the red dress that was in the hotel room the previous evening. She starts to lecture Charlotte about her lack of relationships with men, Charlotte tells her not to be there when she returns home from work and leaves with her phone. But while the ‘other’ woman is still in the flat she receives a call from Charlotte’s work colleague Pascal and she asks him to ring her mobile. Walking down the street Charlotte receives a call from Pascal on her mobile and makes a dinner date to discuss work! 
The woman in the red dress.
Written and directed by Fred Erpelding, this short film was made for the purpose of entering amateur film competitions. But with the help of the unobtrusive score by Tim Hecker it comes across as much more than an amateur movie, in fact I have seen professional feature films that don’t come up to this standard. As far as I can ascertain the story concerns a woman who seems to lead two lives at least in her imagination, she is a lonely woman who’s lack of confidence is covered by her alto ego, the woman in red! Check out the link below:

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