Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Wendy and Lucy.

Screenwriter and American indie film maker Kelly Reichardt was responsible for an intelligent western Meeks Cutoff (2010) and the road movie Old Joy (2006) a story of friendship, loss and alienation. The movie that followed this was had a similar ambiance with a minimalist style favoured by Reichardt and writer Jon Raymond, on whose short story Train Choir, the screenplay for Wendy and Lucy (2008) was based.

Wendy Carroll is driving to Ketchikan Alaska to find a new life with her dog Lucy. Travelling with little money she hopes to find work at the Northwestern Fish cannery. It’s when her car breaks down in Oregon that she realises the abnormity of her task. She is apprehended for shoplifting at the local supermarket and while she is in police custody her dog disappears. The only friendly face turns out to be a security guard who takes pity on our young waif.

A deep, quite film that says a lot without raising its voice, it’s sad but rather lovely, a movie where you really pray that everything will work out for this resourceful young traveller, or will it? Michelle Williams is faultless as the disenfranchised Wendy, and as in all her roles completely nails the part. A wee gem that successfully illustrates the underbelly of middle class America. Unfortunately another example of a movie that will be forever lost under the deluge of tripe that emanates from a film industry that most of the time is only looking to make money: Prove them wrong!!!!

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